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satin white wall 15 x 15 tiles

How to Choose Home Decoration Style?

1. Find feelings:

First of all, you must analyze your personality, and then choose a decoration that suits your personality based on the characteristics of this style. For example, you have seen (or been to) the Alps on TV and like it very much, so the Nordic design style should be very suitable you.


satin white wall 15 x 15 tiles


2. Comfort first:

All decoration styles ultimately point to "comfort". They all appear to make the home more humane, emphasizing the softness of physical contact, convenient functions, and colors that the eyes see. Aren't these all for "comfort"? Therefore, comfort should always come first when designing the decoration.


textured tile 6x18 white satin

3. Choose according to the design and light of the house:

In the classification of home decoration styles, each style has different requirements for the light in the house. Therefore, when choosing a decoration style, you must consider the problem of light. If the light is too dark, then it is best to choose modern and simple or Japanese style and other brighter styles. The Chinese style will then appear relatively depressing.


textured tile 6x18 white satin for house decoration


4. Practicality is the core:

The decoration of a new house should focus on practicality. The home is for living, not just for viewing. The mere appearance of things will eventually be discarded, and practicality is the core of quality that can be retained for a long time.


textured tile 6x18 white satin for house

5. Learn color matching:

How to match colors is also very important when decorating a house. Only reasonable use can add more fun to the home. Let’s learn about the rules of home decoration color matching:

  • Contrast style: Choose strong contrasting colors when decorating, and gradually become a mainstream of home decoration;
  • Coordinated tone: If you want to create a warm and romantic atmosphere, you must follow this rule;
  • Mixed colors: When decorating, use some bright colors such as pink, pink purple, pink orange and so on.


satin suspended ceiling tiles


We have textured tile 6x18 white satin which is suitable for your house decoration, and it is of good quality. You can purchase it without concern.


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Available size 600x600mm , 800x800mm


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