Why do you Choose Rustic Wood Tile for Your Living Room?

November 01,2021

The living room is where the family has the most activities in addition to the bedroom, so the choice of floor is very important. There are all kinds of wood or ceramic tiles on the market, and many people may be at a loss. Under normal circumstances, the wood tile is suitable for homes with elderly and children, because it is not so cool, and the rustic wood tile is more popular with them. This blog mainly introduces and discusses why choose rustic wood tile 150x600?


Rustic Wood Tile


What is rustic wood tile?


The floor can be divided into solid wood floor and composite floor according to the material. The rustic wood tile refers specifically to a floor style, by making the surface of the solid wood floor into an antique effect, and processing the surface into an uneven floor through a special process. The surface of the antique solid wood floor is not smooth and flat, but like after many years of washing, it generally presents natural bumps and old traces, with a strong sense of history. Both solid wood floor and composite floor are in antique style.


Advantages of rustic wood tile


  1. The rustic wood tilegives people a warm and friendly feeling. Wood is the spirit of all thingswhose life is very strong and gentle. The floor inherits the advantages of trees. The color and luster are warm and soft. It can give people a feeling of affinity and harmony; relative to the coldness and rigidity of ceramic tiles. Naturally, it is more suitable to be spread at home.


  1. The rustic wood tilehas good thermal insulation performance. The floor has an advantage in thermal insulation of the indoor temperature, while ceramic tiles have relatively poor thermal insulation performance due to fast heat conduction. The entire floor will feel very cold and uncomfortable. If the house is located to the north, the situation will be more serious.


  1. The rustic wood tileis of good quality and low price. In terms of price, floors of the same quality are cheaper than tiles.


  1. The rustic wood tileis more beautiful and luxurious. In terms of decoration effect, the floor is more beautiful and luxurious than ceramic tiles. Almost all famous buildings in the world are wooden floors (France: Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre, Elysee Palace; Russia: Kremlin; United States: White House, United States Capitol; United Kingdom: Buckingham Palace, etc.).


  1. Convenient construction and rest assured. The construction of the floor has a unified technical standard, which is more worry-free.


Factors to consider when choosing a floor


  1. Price: In the current market, excluding brand factors, the material prices from high to low are solid wood flooring, three-layer solid wood composite, multilayer solid wood, bamboo flooring, ceramic tiles, and laminate flooring. This was not absolute at the time.


  1. Sensory: The ceramic tiles give people the impression of cold and hard. Although it is cooler in summer, it isalsocooler in winter. The surface of the floor is mostly wooden, and the texture is relatively soft, giving people a warm and comfortable feeling. At the same time falling on the tiles is definitely more painful than on the floor~


  1. Space: The floor and ceramic tiles used in the living room are relatively good, mainly based on the actual decoration style; the floor in the bedroom will be more warm; while the bathroom and kitchen are relatively damp, choose ceramic tiles for easy care.


  1. Cleaning: ceramic tiles are easier to clean than the floor, just use a mop;


The above content we mainly summary some benefits of using rustic wood tile 150x600, hopefully, it can give you some ideas when decorating. Certainly, you can collect it first, then browse it carefully.