Why Should You Buy Ivory White Polish Floor Tile?

October 29,2021

When decorating, choosing furniture is a difficult problem we must face. From bed, sofa, to the most basic floor tiles, we all need to choose carefully. In order to solve one of your confusions, we Kiva recommend our most popular ivory white polish floor tile to you. This blog mainly introduces polished tiles, you can collect it and browse slowly, hopefully it can help you.


ivory white polish floor tile


What is a polish floor tile?


Polished brick is a kind of bright brick made by polishing the surface of the whole body brick body, which is a kind of whole body brick. Compared with full-body tiles, the surface of polished tiles is much smoother. Polished tiles are hard and wear-resistant, suitable for use in most indoor spaces except toilets and kitchens, such as balconies and exterior wall decorations. On the basis of the use of bleeding technology, polished tiles can produce various imitated stone and wood effects.


Why do you buy ivory white polish floor tile?


📌Advantage 1: No radioactive elements: Natural stone is a mineral, not sintered at high temperature, so it contains a few trace radioactive elements, long-term exposure will be harmful to the human body; polished tiles will not cause harm to the human body;


📌Advantage 2: Basically controllable and no color difference: Natural stone has a large color difference due to the diagenesis time and rock depth. The polished tiles are carefully adjusted, the same batch of products have the same color and shape, and there is basically no difference;


📌Advantage 3: High bending strength: Natural stone is formed naturally, and the material time, weathering, etc. are not the same, resulting in different tightness and strength; the polished tiles are pressed by thousands of tons of hydraulic presses, and then sintered at a high temperature above 1200 ℃, with high strength;


📌Advantage 4: Thin brick body and light weight: Natural stone has low strength, so the processing thickness is large and heavy, which increases the load weight of the building on the floor, posing a potential threat, rising costs, and increasing transportation and paving difficulties;


📌Advantage 5: Anti-slip: The safety of floor tiles is very important, especially for families with elderly and children. The polished tile surface is bright and clean. Many consumers think that its anti-slip effect is poor. In case of sprinkling water, it will increase the safety hazard. In fact, all polished tiles are non-slip. If there is soil on the tiles, it will be slippery, and water will be astringent. Therefore, as long as the daily cleaning is done, the anti-slip effect will not be affected. In terms of non-slip performance, polished tiles are the same as matt tiles.


How to maintain the polished tiles?


The maintenance of polished tiles must be very particular, and different stains should be used with different cleaning agents:


  1. The mildew formed by the mildew of ink and antifouling wax can be decontaminated with bleach. When using it, just apply bleach to the stain and soak for a few minutes to wipe it off;


  1. Tea stains, fruit stains, coffee sauce vinegar, leather shoe prints and other stains should be removed with secondary bleach, soak them for 20-30 minutes and then wipe them off with a cloth; some stains have been seeping into the bricks for a long time and need to be soaked for a long time;


  1. The method of removing rubber and hammer printing: first soak in 20%-40% sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solution for 24 hours, then wipe it with a cloth, and then soak in 30%-50% hydrochloric acid (Hcl) solution for 30 minutes , And then wipe it with a cloth;


  1. Use alkaline cleaners or organic solvents (acetone, triethylene) to remove paint, oil stains, oily markers, and surface anti-fouling wax layer;


  1. Use hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid solution for cement, scale, rust and rust spots, and rub it several times;


  1. Lime scale can be removed with acidic cleaner;


  1. Ice cream can be cleaned with alkaline detergent. Just be careful and careful when cleaning;


  1. Polishing the tiles takes a long time, and the surface scratches and stains are serious. You can also ask a professional cleaning company to polish, wax and refurbish;


In a word, ivory white polish floor tile has many advantages that are worthy investing in. Can’t wait? If you want to decorate your home with ivory white polish floor tiles, welcome to contact us at any time.