Why Matte Tile Is Suitable For Bathroom

October 27,2021

Compared with other types of tiles, matte tiles have more prominent advantages in terms of look and feel and maintenance, so many bathrooms choose matte tiles. The grey simple style created by the grey matte subway tile 75x300 in the bathroom of my friend’s house gives people the ultimate luxury, and the white and black echoes each other, giving a strong sense of fashion.


grey matte subway tile


Why did she choose matte tiles?

1. In fact, matte is relative to polishing, that is to say, it is a non-glossy surface. This can avoid light pollution and is more convenient to maintain. Because the polished is too bright, it is easy to dazzle the eyes; but the matt is easy to get dirty, but it is easy to clean. This is related to the difference between the glaze used in the polished bright tile and the matt tile. For tall tiles, the matt glaze is easier to absorb dirt than the bright tiles, but it will not penetrate into the glaze, which can be removed with common detergents. The matt brick is better for human eyes under strong light, and the visual effect is also very good. Therefore, matte tiles are better than polished tiles and are more tasteful. In addition, choose the color according to your own preferences. Take my friend as an example agagin, my friend chooses gray.


2. The matte brick has many mosaics and flower pieces, you can use flower pieces and pipe fittings to design the wall according to your own hobbies, so that the home decoration effect is good. The advantage of the larger matte tile is that the light reflection coefficient of the relatively bright tile is relatively low, and it will not cause light pollution. Over-bright tiles will not only affect the warmth and comfort of the home environment, but will also affect the eyesight health of the family in the long run. And we often go in and out of the bathroom, at least twice a day, so matte tiles are a good choice.


3. Long-term living in a home environment where the walls and the ground are too bright, light reflection will stimulate the retina, which is beyond the adaptability of the eyes, not only will make the eyes tired, and even cause the decline of visual function, but also easy to make people appear Dizziness, upset, insomnia, decreased appetite, low mood, fatigue and other symptoms similar to neurasthenia.


How to clean matte tiles in the bathroom?

1. When cleaning matte tiles daily, you can use detergent, soap and other water mixed with mop to clean.


2. Add a little ammonia or turpentine mixture with soap to increase the gloss of matte tiles.


3. Waxing it regularly, and the time interval is about 2-3 months.


4. If the surface of the matte brick is accidentally scratched, it is recommended to apply toothpaste on the scratched area, and then wipe it with a dry cloth to reduce the degree of scratches.


5. It is easy to hide dirt in the gaps of matte bricks. It is recommended to use decontamination cream to remove dirt from time to time. If a layer of waterproofing agent is applied to the gaps, the effect will be better, which can prevent mold growth.


6. If you accidentally sprinkle tea, coffee, beer, ice cream, grease and other stains on the matte tile, you can use a small amount of sodium hydroxide or potassium bicarbonate solution to clean it.


7. It is recommended to use dilute solution such as hydrochloric acid and nitric acid to clean the stains such as ink and cement.


8. It is better to use special cleaners for paints, coatings and other pollutants.


9. If you encounter iron rust, you can use 2% oxalic acid solution to remove it, and then wipe it with a cloth moistened with water; or use a few vitamin C tablets to grind it into a powder, sprinkle it on the surface of the matte brick, and scrub with a brush several times. It can remove rust stains; you can also use 10% oxalic acid, citric acid and water to soak the rusted area, and then rub it again with concentrated salt water.


10. If you accidentally touch the glue, you can use banana water to get rid of it. Then wipe it with clean water. Remember to wear gloves, because banana water is corrosive.


How often does the bathroom tiles need to be cleaned?

It's usually a week, but it's more frequent if there are more people. Some people are more hygienic, they can clean the floor titles every day, and the room and living room will be dragged once a day. Some people who are more hygienic may have to clean several times a day. For those of us who are busy with work, we usually clean the bathroom when we are relatively free on weekends, and the cleaning of other rooms is also arranged on the weekend.