Which Is Better Beveled Or Flat Subway Tile?

February 24,2021


If you want to make your kitchen more beautiful, but also want to choose for your bathroom. Here a good choice for you--beveled surface tiles. Sloping tiles are mainly used as backsplashes in kitchen and bathroom design, wall decoration and showers. The difference between beveled and flat surface subway tiles is the gentle slope down to the edge. Texture also makes the collage pop out, making it more eye-catching.


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What is the best subway tile?



You may want to know about the related issues of subway tiles


Are subway tiles classic or fashionable?


Floor tiles are liked by many people for their simplicity and beauty, but if you overuse subway tiles, they will be lifeless and outdated, rather than classic. If you want the overall look stylish, you need to pay attention to the overall color scheme. For the related color scheme, you can find it in previous blog: Beveled Surface Subway Tiles: Create Surprise Beyond The Classic.


Are angled tiles easy to grouting?


To be honest, it is more difficult than the flat one. Because the space between the beveled surface tiles is narrower at the bottom than on the surface. The hard grout floats will not make the grout fall deep enough between the tiles to form a strong bond.


Are floor tiles expensive?


On the contrary, it is cheap! And the price of subway tile backsplashes has not changed much. But for any ceramic tile, it takes time to apply grout sealant.


What size subway tile is best for kitchen backsplash?


The 3x6 size is the most common subway tile size. The classic 1:2 ratio is pleasing to the eye. This is a very popular size for kitchen splash guards; the typical backsplash height is 18 inches and can even provide you with 6 rows of tiles. In the shower, especially with the contrast of grout colors, this smaller size looks a bit busy.


What color grouting is used for white subway tiles is more modern?


The most popular grouting color for subway tiles with a traditional appearance is black, but this does not mean full of modernity. Use white grout to look more modern.


Does the beveled subway tile have a style?


Yes. Of course the style is different for different owners. Sloping subway tiles can bring retro feel to any room. If you like retro style, you can consider one of the latest oblique subway tiles.


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Which is better depends on your aesthetics and usefulness, you may be still torn between beveled and flat surface subway title. Although the above gives you a lot of suggestions, you need to make the final decision by yourself.