What is SPC Floor Material?

April 18,2022

Today's three major floor choices for home decoration are solid wood, ceramic tile, and seamless floor (also known as fiber floor); Among the three, seamless flooring has the shortest history and therefore has the newest technologies and styles. The SPC floor introduced today, also known as the stone plastic floor, is one of the seamless floors. It has sprung up rapidly in recent years because of its waterproof and simple installation. The following is the material composition of the SPC floor to help you understand the SPC floor deeply.


SPC floor


What is SPC floor material? A complete introduction to the 5-storey structure


The material composition of the SPC floor mainly includes UV resistant layer, wear-resistant layer, ethylene coating, main material layer, and a substrate layer, which are introduced in detail below:


UV resistant layer: the protective coating located at the top layer, which is mainly used to resist UV and dirt and maintain the color of the floor.


Wear-resistant layer: the wear-resistant layer is a transparent coating, which mainly provides good scratch resistance, wears resistance, and stain resistance for the SPC floor.


Vinyl coating: also known as printing layer, in addition to printing texture patterns, it also has the effect of waterproofing. The pattern of the SPC floor is mostly real wood grain, so the ethylene coating can also be called a real wood grain printing layer.


Main material layer: mix inorganic lime minerals, PVC composites, calcium carbonate, stabilizer, and other raw materials to provide a stable waterproof effect.


Substrate layer: the main function is to increase the softness of the floor. The materials selected by each brand are different. Taking the 90s top SPC snap floor as an example, IXPE comfortable primer is used to create high-quality moisture-proof and sound-absorbing effects.


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