What Should We Pay Attention To In The Kitchen Decoration Tiles?

November 10,2021

There are many oil fume stains in the kitchen, and it is not easy to clean, so many families choose to paste ceramic tiles on the kitchen wall and ground for convenience of cleaning and hygiene. But what ceramic tiles should be used for kitchen walls and floors? Do you really need to brick the whole wall? With these questions, let's have a look!


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"Cultivation" of good floor tiles


Floor tile is a kind of ground decoration material, also known as floor tile, which is often laid on the ground of kitchen and toilet. The overall decoration of the kitchen is set off by beautiful floor tiles.


However, as a place for daily cooking, the kitchen is a gathering place for water, fire and oil fume stains. The requirements for floor tiles are relatively high, which should not only be anti-skid, moisture-proof, but also dirt resistant.


Good floor tile material


Floor tiles are mostly made of clay or cement. Good floor tiles have strong quality, small bulk density, pressure resistance, wear resistance and moisture resistance. Today, let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of glazed tiles, polished tiles (vitrified tiles), polished glazed tiles and cement tiles commonly used in the kitchen!


  • Polished tile


The polished tile is polished to make the surface appear smooth and textured, so that the luster of the porcelain itself can be reflected. Common are imitation wood tile and imitation stone tile.




The cost performance of polished tile is very high, and the price is relatively low among the four kinds of tiles today;


The surface is bright and free of radioactive elements, which will not cause harm to human body.




Limited by the process, there are not many patterns and few types to choose from;


If the polished tile is polished too bright, the skid resistance is also relatively low.


  • Glazed tile


Glazed tiles are ceramic tiles that have been glazed and fired at high temperature and high pressure. Common glazed tiles include antique bricks, wood grain bricks, etc.




Glazed tiles have rich color patterns and large selection space. The performance of anti-skid and anti-seepage belongs to the middle and upper.


Common glazed tiles are made of bright and matte materials. Although the bright surface is easy to show dirt, it is easy to clean, and the matte one has stronger dirt resistance.




The touch of glazed tiles is cold and hard. Slippers should be thick and non slip. If there are old people at home, pay more attention to prevent falling injury.


The flexural strength of the upper glaze of glazed tile is unstable, and once it falls off, it will affect the overall beauty.


  • Polished glazed tile


The polished glazed tiles shall be fired at high temperature and high pressure before polishing. It combines the advantages of polished tile and glazed tile, completely releases the implication of dumb dark glazed tile and the visual effect of glaze, and also has the gloss of polished tile and the hardness of porcelain. It is a very good kitchen floor tile.




It can simulate the texture of natural stone and has bright luster. At the same time, it is more wear-resistant and better surface stain resistance than polished tile.


The patterns are also relatively rich, with large selection space.




Low skid resistance, high hardness, not so friendly to the elderly.


The cost performance is not high. Compared with polished tile and glazed tile, the price of polished tile is relatively high.


  • Cement tile


This kind of cement tile is poured with toned cement. Because the firing process is more complex, the price is one of the more expensive floor tiles.




rich colors, stronger texture than the pattern printed on ceramic tiles, with a strong, very retro flavor.




All handmade, high price.


High water absorption, easy to penetrate color, not as convenient to clean as ceramic tiles.


If you encounter poor quality cement tiles, its surface pattern layer will be relatively thin.


After several years of use, the pattern will be seriously worn and expose the bottom layer. At that time, the kitchen floor will become very ugly. Special protective wax shall be applied once a year for the first three years after installation. After three years, the protective wax infiltrates into the cement to form a protective layer, it can be used like ordinary ceramic tiles.




Polished tile has strong wear resistance and good luster. The key point is cheap. If you don't choose the design and color, you can choose this one.


Glazed tiles have many patterns and styles and good skid resistance. Friends with old people and children at home focus on it.


There are many patterns to choose from for polished glazed tiles. They are stain resistant and wear-resistant. Although they are more expensive than the first two, they have worked for decades.


Cement tile is good-looking but expensive. It has average wear resistance and needs regular maintenance. If you like rich colors and European decoration style, choose it!


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