What Should Be Paid Attention To When Sticking Tiles?

April 06,2022

Nowadays, many families prefer to use tiles when decorating their houses. And there is something needing considering when installing tiles, otherwise, it will affect the overall decoration effect. Let’s see.




Appearance Inspection


  • Check whether the tile laying direction is correct.
  • Check whether the waist line position is correct and whether it is high or offset.
  • Check whether there are scratches or dirt that is difficult to remove, and whether the surface of the brick is broken.
  • Check whether there are cracks in the ceramic tile and whether the hand feels cut.
  • Check whether the gap of ceramic tile is uniform and whether the closing on the edge of ceramic tile is tight.


Hollowing Inspection


It is easy to appear hollowing when paving ceramic tiles. If the hollowing is very serious, the ceramic tiles are easy to fall off. Therefore, at the time of acceptance, we should focus on checking whether there is hollowing phenomenon in ceramic tiles. During the inspection, each ceramic tile can be knocked with a small iron bar. If the knocking sound is dull, it indicates that the ceramic tile is firmly paved. On the contrary, if a "Dong Dong" sound is sent, it indicates that the ceramic tile is not firmly paved.


Flatness And Verticality Inspection


Verticality detection: check whether the wall tiles are horizontal and vertical. You can use 2m guiding ruler to check whether they are vertical. During vertical detection, the left side is close to the measured surface, and then read the scale value indicated by the pointer after the pointer stops swinging. This value is the verticality deviation of the measured surface, and each grid is 1mm. The perpendicularity of the facade of ceramic tiles shall generally be within 3mm.


Flatness detection: 2m guiding ruler and wedge feeler gauge can be used for detection. The flatness error of ceramic tiles shall not exceed 2mm, and the height difference of adjacent bricks shall not exceed 0.5mm.


In The End


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