What Is the Best Tile for Airport Bathrooms?

September 01,2022

Airport bathrooms are heavily trafficked and frequently used. In addition, to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, the bathroom floor is also frequently washed with large amounts of water. Therefore, three principles should be followed when selecting flooring materials.


One is wear-resistant and non-slip, the other is stain-resistant and dirt-resistant, and the third is low water absorption. This is the best way to keep the public bathroom floor clean and tidy.


General airport bathroom flooring materials are mainly tile flooring, such as anti-slip, waterproof, stain-resistant glazed tiles and so on.


bathroom tiles


Types of bathroom tiles


Glazed tile: glazed tile refers to the brick surface after firing glaze treatment of the brick. The surface is glazed and has a high stain resistance. Slip resistance is not as good as through tiles, but compared to polished tiles and glass tiles, slip resistance is better.


Glass tiles: glass tiles are a type of tile with a low water absorption rate. Its surface has been polished to a mirror effect. However, due to its hydrophilic nature, it is more slip resistant when exposed to water. The more water there is, the more astringent the brick surface will feel. As a result, glass tiles are less slip-resistant when dry than when wet.


Solid tiles: Solid tiles are made by high-pressure pressing of rock fragments. The surface is not glazed and the colour is consistent on both sides. The surface of the tiles is rougher and therefore has a better anti-slip performance. Most of the non-slip tiles on the market at present belong to the through-body tiles.


Polished brick: is the surface of the body of the blank after polishing a shiny brick type, belongs to the body of a kind of brick. Compared to the rough surface of solid tiles, polished tiles are much more polished. It is hard-wearing and suitable for use in most interior spaces except toilets, kitchens and indoor environments. Based on infiltration technology, polished tiles can be produced in a variety of stone-like and wood-like effects.




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