Tips for Selecting Ceramic Tiles on Kitchen Walls

December 06,2022

A kitchen is a place with heavy lampblack. Therefore, both aesthetics and practicality should be considered when selecting kitchen wall tiles. Here is our summary of selection techniques.




Tips for selecting kitchen wall tiles 


  • The size of ceramic tile is larger


Because the lampblack in the kitchen is relatively heavy, the gap between ceramic tiles and ceramic tiles is easily eroded by lampblack, becoming stubborn greasy dirt day after day and night. Don't underestimate these gaps, which will bring many difficulties to the cleaning work in the future.


Although kitchen wall tiles can be larger, it is better not to exceed the size of 40cm * 80cm. Because, if the size is too large, it is very troublesome to pave. The tiles of ceramic tiles can be moderately larger, and the gaps of small tiles are too many. Although they look beautiful, they are not practical.


  • Choose ceramic tiles with higher water absorption


For ceramic tiles, the lower the water absorption, the harder and wear-resistant the tiles will be. But it is precisely because of the low water absorption that the paving will be more difficult. Because the kitchen is a high temperature area, if the wall tiles are not properly pasted, it is easy to fall off.


Therefore, ceramic tile of the kitchen is better to choose the ceramic tile with higher water absorption. Although it is not wear-resistant, the wall is not the floor, and there is basically no too much friction. The ceramic tile with high water absorption is not only cheap, but also difficult to construct, so it is not easy to fall off naturally.


  • The ceramic tile surface must be smooth


Because the kitchen is a place for cooking and cooking, there will be more lampblack when stir frying. Not only that, it is also easy to splash soup on the wall. If you choose glazed, polished and other tiles, the surface will be very smooth. Even if there is oil smoke and soup on the wall, it can be easily wiped off with a rag.


If you choose matt bricks, antique bricks, full-length bricks, 3D relief bricks, the surface of the tiles is pitted. It is easy to become stubborn greasy dirt after being contaminated by lampblack for a long time, which is particularly troublesome to clean.


  • Tile patterns should be less, preferably solid


When choosing ceramic tiles, the patterns must be as few as possible. If you can, it is best to directly choose solid color tiles.


Because the space of the kitchen itself is relatively compact, plus the storage functions such as kitchen cabinets and hanging cabinets. The space for tiling is actually not big. If there are too many patterns, it looks dazzling, compact and depressing.