The Kitchen and Bathroom are Paved with Tiles. You can Try Subway Tiles

October 08,2022

The subway bricks were made from the tiles used on the walls of the subway station in New York in the early 20th century, so they got the name. When you want to add some traditional, even medieval feeling to the space, such tiles will be very helpful. Many homeowners use subway tiles to decorate their kitchens and bathrooms.


浅灰1402  100x400mm.jpg


Decorative style


Today we pay more attention to the subway bricks in the kitchen. The subway bricks are widely used as waterproof baffles in kitchens, even to cover walls. Because ceramic tiles are a very practical and popular solution, the subway is very classic. Subway bricks are suitable for many decorative styles: rural, medieval, modern, farmhouse, industrial, artistic decoration, and Scandinavia. They are not boring at all, they are timeless classics, and they do not need to be changed after several years of use.


Collage style


The subway bricks can be spliced in various ways: cross lines, stacking combination, traditional herringbone, I-shaped (staggered 1/2), inclined herringbone, right-angled herringbone, staggered, inclined staggered, vertical I-shaped, and vertical splicing. The most popular are staggered and right-angled herringbone.




If you think subway bricks can only be white and ivory white, you are wrong! You can find this kind of tile in many colors, and it is easy to find the perfect match. It can be the color system of contempt: watercolor or blue tiles, which are very suitable for suggesting the decorative theme of the white coastal kitchen, or exquisite marble subway tiles. Even if you don't use any eye-catching patterns to wrap it, the subway bricks with contrast and bold colors will help you get rid of the boring back panel of your stove. The bold and contrasting subway tiles make your light-colored cabinets stand out, and the white cabinets look more gorgeous. Such tiles can also add visual space to your kitchen appearance. If you don't want to compare, then choose the tailgate with the same color as the kitchen. If you use them properly, subway bricks can highlight your colors, decorations, wood textures, and many other things.


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