Script for the Cleaning and Maintenance of Terrazzo Tiles

November 01,2022

Terrazzo tiles, as a popular floor tile material in the home decoration market at present, not only have a variety of patterns, and excellent performance, but also are easy to clean and maintain. However, in daily use, there are still some users who do not clean and maintain it. Or whose use effect is affected due to inadequate cleaning and maintenance. Today I will share with you how to clean and maintain them.




Daily maintenance of terrazzo tiles


  1. For newly decorated terrazzo floor tiles, it is recommended that everyone use special floor tile cleaner or soft decontamination paste to clean the cement or stains left on the ground during construction. But pay attention to controlling the amount of use to avoid damage to the ground.


  1. In the process of daily cleaning and maintenance, try not to use strong acid or alkaline cleaners to clean it. So as not to corrode the ground and damage the floor surface, thus affecting the aesthetics of its use.


  1. In daily cleaning of terrazzo floor tiles, try to avoid the detergent directly splashing on the mirror surface of them. At the same time, wash the terrazzo floor tiles with clean water promptly after cleaning, and maintain them regularly, such as waxing, so as not to affect their service life.


  1. Due to the strong water absorption of terrazzo floor tiles, we suggest that everyone should pay attention to the water consumption during cleaning, to avoid splashing of water stains and absorption of delayed cleaning water into the floor tiles, causing ground mildew.
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