Popular activities of Canadian National Day

July 01,2022

TD International Jazz Festival


Vancouver's world-renowned TD International Jazz Festival will be held in full swing on Canada's national day when there will be a variety of free and ticket activities. For free performances, please visit Ocean artworks on Granville Island to watch Sharon minimoto Quartet (1 p.m.), strange world Trio (4 p.m.), and DJ shuaihu (11 p.m.). Also in Granville Island, performance works will host free performances by Andy Milne and unison (2:30 p.m.) and oa4 (4:30 p.m.). Ironworks, located east of Gastown, will provide free performances of why Choir (5 p.m.) and Dave Memphis (5 p.m.). The ticket shows will include Sam Tudor and candle of performance works (7:30 p.m.), starring Kendel Carson and Debra Jean Creelman, and dawn Pemberton and Francis Baptiste of ocean artworks (9 p.m., tickets at the door). You can enjoy a Canadian National Day festival full of wonderful music from local and international artists.


Canada day


The 8th annual repertory festival of the ensemble Troupe


Vancouver's groundbreaking ensemble theatre company (etc) found a new home for its annual drama festival (June 15 to July 2, 2022) at the seaside theatre in Granville Island. On July 1 (7:30 p.m.), you can watch the closing performance of Marjorie Prime. This 2015 Pulitzer Prize finalist was written by Jordan Harrison. The story takes place shortly and tells the story of an 85-year-old woman Marjorie interacting with artificial intelligence. Her companions sifted through her memory and identity. Celebrate the vitality of Canadian theatre on this Canadian National Day!


Shipyard live broadcast


From now until September 2, shipyards live will return every Friday this summer. This popular event at shipyards in North Vancouver is suitable for everyone - and the location is picturesque. Shipyards live is planning to host a large Canadian National Day party, including two live performance stages. You can watch the performance in the patio beer garden provided by Stanley Park Brewing. In addition, food truck Lane will provide a variety of delicious dishes. Retro video dance (pipe shop) and splash park will have more fun. Children can apply maple leaves (and more) to their faces. Browse the artisan suppliers in the market to find some unique local discoveries.


Bards on the beach


The magnificent scenery of Vanier Park, where bard on the beach is located, will provide a perfect background for your Canadian National Day celebration. In addition, their iconic red and white tents are very suitable for Canadian National Day. Enjoy a picnic dinner, and then go to the Harlem duet, performed by bard on the beach on July 1 (7:30 p.m.), written by Djanet Sears, who won the governor's award. With Shakespeare's Othello as the theme, the play tells the process of a black couple fighting against race and racism, interpersonal relationships, and complex loyalty at three critical moments.


Art club Theatre


Kinky Boots, the last performance of the 2021/22 season of the art club theater company, will end on July 31, 2022, and perform on the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage (8 p.m.) during the Canadian National Day holiday. This Tony Award-winning musical is full of joyful energy. It tells the story of the collapse of a shoe factory until Laura, the cross-dressing queen, inspires her boss Charlie to turn production in a new direction. The program's information on tolerance, acceptance, and resilience will be particularly timely on Canada's national day.


Vancouver competition


Watching Canadian games in Vancouver is a typical summer experience. On July 1 (1:05 p.m.), cheer for them when they meet Spokane at home. Baseball will be exciting, the crowd will be friendly and easy-going, and the food will be delicious. This year, Rosie's BBQ & smokehouse will offer three special menus: sirloin cornflakes, three base hamburgers with the signature 4 a.m. sirloin, and NAT stack hamburgers with pulled pork and sirloin. On this Canadian National Day, have lunch in NAT and relax. It will be a wonderful game.


National Day of Canada in baby, Baishi, and Surrey


If you want to go further, the municipal authorities in the Greater Vancouver area are holding Canadian National Day celebrations.


The city of benabi is planning to resume its face-to-face Canadian activities. Canada's Marina Bay returned to the white rock beach in August. Look forward to local suppliers, delicious food, and rich entertainment activities.


Surrey Canada national day will be held at the Bill Reed Millennium amphitheater in Cloverdale (10 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.) to showcase indigenous and multicultural artists. Highlights are a native village, a Siamese stage, a memorial ceremony for survivors of boarding schools, as well as demonstration and teaching; A large number of food trucks; Community centers with performances, markets, and sports activities; And headlining performances by artists such as Shawnee Kisha and Arkells.


Haitian cable car


If you haven't taken the Haitian cable car, the Canadian National Day Festival is an opportunity for you to enjoy the magnificent scenery of Howe Bay and the surrounding areas. After reaching the top, there are countless things to do, including the new footpath Ring Road starting from the backyard square. On July 1, they will provide regular yoga on Friday morning at the octagon deck from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. (pre-registration is required). From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Summit Lodge will host violinist, singer, and step dancer Jocelyn Pettit as part of its Mountain Music Series (free with cable car tickets or through tickets).


Museums and galleries


If you want to spend a more meditative Canadian National Day, please visit one of Vancouver's extraordinary and enlightening museums and galleries. UBC's Anthropology Museum has two exhibitions to consider the importance of indigenous art and culture, as well as knowledge of the west coast. From different perspectives: it reflects that the art of the northwest coast is characterized by more than 110 indigenous artworks, many of which have been removed and placed outside the province. At the same time, shake up: preserving what we value takes into account indigenous knowledge about earthquakes consistent with the work of seismologists and engineers. Finally, xicanx: dreamers and innovators explore the intersection of social justice and artistic practice among xicanx (Mexican American) artists.


The Vancouver Museum has many exhibitions related to thinking about history and diversity on Canada's national day. Board x shows the works of indigenous artists who consider the territories and identities related to skateboarding (such as skateboarding, and snowboarding). Maintaining our things has studied the sustainability of Vancouver related to various knowledge systems. "Seat by the table" depicts the history of Chinese Canadians in the province through the lens of food.


Spectacular beaches and parks


Canada is famous for its natural landscape. What better way to celebrate Canada Day than to visit Vancouver's fabulous parks and beaches. Have a picnic, put some hamburgers on the barbecue, and then spend a relaxing day with friends and family. Kitts Beach and English Bay are always good choices or visit Jericho, Locarno, and the Bank of Spain to enjoy a more peaceful beach trip. In addition to famous parks such as Stanley Park and Queen Elizabeth Park, every community in Vancouver has its local park, where one can spend time leisurely on Canada's national day.