Is There Formaldehyde In Ceramic Tiles

May 21,2022

Indoor formaldehyde has been very troubling, it will bring a great threat to human health, so to choose environmentally friendly decoration materials, that tile has no formaldehyde? Let's take a look at it.


Tile has no formaldehyde


Tile itself is no formaldehyde, and cement mortar for bonding tiles is also formaldehyde-free, so do not worry about the problem of formaldehyde. But if you choose to use a better adhesive tile glue and tile backing for construction, there are some formaldehyde problems, but its formaldehyde content is less, basically in the controllable range.


What are the main sources of indoor formaldehyde?


✔️Wall paint


Wall paint contains formaldehyde, which is the key to achieve adhesion, the formaldehyde content in the traditional wall paint will be slightly more, which is also the main reason for formaldehyde pollution after the previous renovation. And now most of the environmentally friendly wall paint, such as high-quality latex paint formaldehyde content is relatively small, do not worry about causing too much pollution to the interior, basically after construction, as long as effective ventilation treatment, about half a month can rest assured to live.


✔️Panel material


The number of indoor panels is quite a lot, the content of formaldehyde is also quite a lot, the reason why the panels contain formaldehyde, because the panels will be used in the production process of adhesives, which have formaldehyde components, even if it is solid wood panels, it is also necessary to use glue to connect into a relatively large size of the panels, also contains trace amounts of formaldehyde, so the environmental level of the panels determine the formaldehyde content.




Including some bedding, curtains, coverings and other textiles is also the presence of formaldehyde, these textiles want to plasticity, or to ensure the richness, the ability not to fade, are to add some chemical ingredients, these ingredients have formaldehyde presence, fabric use more, indoor formaldehyde content will also increase, thus causing formaldehyde pollution and other problems.


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