How to Clean the Tile Floor

July 05,2022

The tiled floor needs to be cleaned regularly, so as to keep it clean, but some friends don't know how to clean the tiled floor. Let's briefly introduce how to clean the tiled floor. 


tile floors


How to clean the tile floor


  • Clean up the dust on the surface first, you can sweep it or suck it directly.


  • Prepare a basin of clean water, soak the mop in it, wring it dry, and use it to wipe the ground. If it is very dirty, you can pour in some detergent, and the cleaning effect will be better.


  • It must be dragged from the inside out, the inside is not particularly dirty, so it must be cleaned first.


  • After the first time, change the water, and then drag the second time, so that it can be cleaned.


Precautions for cleaning tile floors


  • Do not use highly corrosive cleaning agents, which will cause great damage to the tiles, and are likely to corrode its surface, thereby shortening its service life. Be sure to choose neutral, you can go directly to the local supermarket to buy it, or you can buy it online.


  • If the tile is not non-slip, then when cleaning, you must remember to squeeze the rag dry to avoid slipping when cleaning. 


  • If it has oil stains on its surface, then you can use lemonade and baking soda to clean it. The combination of the two can dissolve the oil stains. If you don't have lemonade and baking soda, you can use detergent instead.


  • When buying ceramic tiles, you must remember to choose a big brand, it is not easy to absorb dust, and it will be more convenient to clean.