How are Ceramic Tiles Made?

May 07,2022

The production process of ceramic tile can be said to be the "calendar refining" of fire and soil. If the whole process is subdivided, it can be formed only after hundreds of processes.


ceramic tiles


The raw materials of ceramic tiles have plasticity, such as black mud or white mud, which are the basis of ceramic tiles; Ridge raw materials such as quartz, which determine the various properties of ceramic tiles; Solvent raw materials, such as feldspar, determine the toughness of ceramic tiles. These raw materials are from the soil. Before mining, the composition needs to be tested, and then various raw materials are proportioned.


All kinds of ingredients are not very uniform. They will enter the ball mill through the conveyor belt. The ball mill is equipped with wear-resistant pebbles. Water and various additives will be added to the ball mill. After several hours of ball milling, the raw materials will be turned into a fine powder with a diameter of 0.1 ~ 0.3 mm, and finally into a slurry.


The iron in the mud shall be removed, and all iron impurities shall be taken out with a powerful magnet with a magnetic force of 9000 Gauss. The mud shall pass through the screening system to separate the impurities from the raw materials with large diameter particles.


The slurry enters the drying tower for drying and dehydration. The slurry is sprayed into a fog by pressure, dried and dehydrated by hot air, and then becomes particles with good fluidity after drying.


The dried powder is sent to the hopper of the press by the conveyor belt and pressed into the embryo body meeting the density requirements of the brick press. The whole process is controlled by the computer.


The latter process will be based on different types of ceramic tiles, and the production process and equipment are different, such as glaze (porcelain glazed tiles), nonglazing (polished tiles), screen printing, rubber roller printing, and 3D inkjet printing, full polishing, etc.


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