How To Choose Wood Tiles For You House?

October 28,2021

Paving wood gray tiles becomes popular as wood tiles make your house more elegant and beautiful. Wood tile is a great choice for many different styles of homes as it coordinates with so many different design styles which is also durable and easy to maintain. We are going to have a deeper look at this neutral flooring.


Types of tiles


There are so many different types of tiles sold on the market, it’s easy to get lost in tons of options. contemporary tiles can be toughly divided into ceramic tile, porcelain tile, cement tile, stone tile, woo-look tile and wood tile.


Ceramic tile is made from kiln-firing clay at super-high temperatures to create a tough and also long lasting flooring choice.


Porcelain is a kind of polished clay floor tile that is baked at a higher temperature level than usual ceramic, making it much more sturdy and much less prone to discoloration.


Cement floor tile is put and allowed to harden at space temperature, instead of discharged in a kiln. It is more permeable than clay tile, yet it is just one of minority floor tile floor covering types that can be redecorated.


Stone tiles consist of preferred natural options like slate, granite, marble, and also sandstone. These sorts of tiles supply all-natural variant, so no two pieces of rock floor tile are exactly alike.


Wood tile is made of drying and processing natural wood, also known as hardwood floor, it is a floor directly processed from solid wood. It has the texture of natural growth of wood, which is a poor conductor of heat, thus playing an important role in keeping warm in winter and cool in summer. It also has the ability to make your feet feel comfortable. It would be the best choice for your bedroom, living room, study and other space requiring decoration.


Wood-look tile offers the benefits of tile flooring with the appearance of natural wood.


The benefits of wood tiles


wood gray tile 150x800


It's durable. It is difficult to damage or tarnish and does not easily soak up moisture.

It's simple to clean as well as keep. You won't require expensive tools or expensive cleaners. You can merely move or mop the ceramic tile flooring.

Tile is much easier on the environment than other designs of flooring. Floor tiles don't consist of harmful chemical substances, and they are recyclable.

It's stylish. Suppliers can mimic every species, color, and also design of wood possible. You can easily discover choices that function well with the shade of your furniture.

It is friendly to children and old people as it has a good property in skid resistance. And what’s more, they have the ability to keep warm and cool in winter and summer days respectively which could make your family members feel more comfortable.


Wood tiles come in many different color tones but the most popular color is gray. Gray is a kind of neutral color, which is a all-match color, easy to achieve a harmonious style with other household furniture.


The disadvantages of wood tiles


wood gray tile 150x800


However, wood tiles has its own shortages. It would be much expensive than ceramic tiles for example the average price of wood tiles is up to $3 to $10 per square foot while ceramic tiles may lower than $1.50 to $5 per square foot. What’s more, tiles made of rare wood would cost more expensive.


Furthermore, it also has a low moisture resistance which means water would be easily absorbed in wood tiles. But fortunately, manufacturers of wood tiles have launched a low water-absorption wood gray tiles which has solved the deadly shortage of this type of tiles.


But how to choose high quality wood tiles would be a another big challenge, and in view of this, we will list some tips to help people choose wood tiles.


How to pick high quality wood tiles?


These tips could be summarized to look, hear, scratch and pouring water on it.


The first thing is to look the appearance of the wood tile, to check whether the color of this tile is clear as well as whether the surface is smooth.


The second step is to hear the sound of beating it as different sounds tells the density of tiles. The more crunchy it sounds the higher density it has which also means the higher quality.


The third step is to scratch the surface with a tough object such as iron to test its hardness and quality. If it is easy to leave a scratch, turn to the next one.


The finally step is to test the water absorption. To pour water on the back of the wood brick, and if the water permeate slowly or hardly permeate it means the tiles has a low water-absorption. Tiles with low water-absorption can be applied to places with high moisture such as bathroom and kitchen room. But tiles with high water-absorption installed on the ground of bathroom or kitchen room are easily to create black spots.


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