How Long is the Life of Stone Plastic Floor?

September 19,2022

The life of the stone plastic floor is affected by the quality of the production. In the case of good quality control, it is no problem to use it for 15 to 20 years.


stone plastic floor


However, if it is a no-name or white-brand stone-plastic floor because the quality and material source cannot be guaranteed, it may be used for less than 2 to 3 months, and the button-shaped cracks and cracks may occur, or even the edges are warped and deformed so that they cannot be used continuously. Case.


In the maintenance and cleaning part of the stone-plastic floor, because the stone-plastic floor is a rather "coarse" building material, it does not need special maintenance and cleaning, but if you can pay attention to the following items, it can indeed extend the life of the stone-plastic floor.


How to clean and maintain the stone plastic floors? 


Do not use steam-type cleaning appliances to clean

When cleaning the stone-plastic floor, do not use tools that generate high temperatures, such as a steam mop. Because the high temperature will damage the surface of the stone-plastic floors and reduce their life.


Do not polish and wax

Polishing, waxing and other seeming maintenance behaviors are not suitable for use in stone-plastic floors, because the higher-end SPC floors have been matte treated to be closer to the original wood feel, and the shiny surface after waxing Instead, it makes the floor look cheap; in addition, these actions can lead to premature wear of the surface, shortening the floor's lifespan.


Avoid long-term sunlight exposure

Although the stone plastic floor has an anti-UV layer, frequent exposure to sunlight will still cause the floor to fade. It is recommended to avoid it as much as possible.


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