How Does Glazed Ceramic Tile Polishing Compound Work?

March 01,2021

Since glazed ceramic tile is beautiful and elegant, noble and elegant, and easy to clean and maintain, many homeowners prefer to choose it as most decoration. but it is afraid of acid, water, and stains.


Glazed Polished KD126029J


Effect of glazed ceramic tile


  1. Thin fine ceramic building materials for interior wall decoration.
  2. The main function of the glaze is to increase the beauty of the tiles and play a good antifouling effect.


Practical application


  • In addition to whether the size of glazed ceramic tile is consistent, the identification index mainly depends on the water absorption rate. Generally, the good brick press is good, the density is high, and the firing temperature is high, so the water absorption rate is also small.
  • Glazed ceramic tiles are generally used in kitchens and bathrooms, with rich colors and patterns, and they are also non-slip. The glazed ceramic tile is generally not very large, but it can be very small, such as as small as a mosaic.
  • Scope of application of glazed ceramic tile: It is suitable for various places of interior decoration, and the wall is the best. Bright tiles should be used as much as possible in the kitchen, rather than matt tiles.


Polishing The Glazed Ceramic Tile


What is glazed ceramic tile polishing compound—the principle of polishing


Particle grinding


When the abrasive particles change from coarse grinding to fine grinding and polishing, the grinding marks on the stone surface change from coarse to fine to no visible marks, and the surface becomes smooth, flat and delicate. When the depth reaches 110 At micrometers, the processed surface appears mirror-like gloss and bright color.


Physical and chemical principles


There are two polishing processes, namely "dry polishing and wet polishing". When the polishing stone is between "dry and wet", when the stone product has physical and chemical effects, dry polishing is to increase the temperature of the stone surface to cause moisture Evaporation causes the concentration of the polishing grindstone to increase, thereby achieving a strengthening effect, and the gloss of the product begins to meet the ideal requirements, and the gloss is above 90 degrees or higher.


Glazed ceramic tile polish compound can not only effectively remove stubborn stains, but also restore the smoothness of the tiles. The operation of the tile polish compound is very simple, you can complete it at home!


The polishing process can be carried out several times a year to keep your glazed ceramic tile in a new state and in good condition in the next few years.