Home Improvement Tile Classification

June 06,2022

Classification by product


  1. Ceramics, ceramic tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles;


  1. Whole body tiles, glazed tiles, vitrified tiles;


  1. Imitation stone brick, imitation wood brick, imitation jade brick, imitation cloth brick, imitation metal;


  1. Polished crystal bricks, polished gold bricks, K gold bricks, gold foil bricks, microcrystalline stone;


  1. Full polished glaze, super flat glaze;


  1. Polished tile, microcrystalline stone, full polished glaze;


  1. Wood grain brick, leather grain brick, stone grain brick, metal brick;


  1. Antique brick, flower brick, solid color brick;


  1. Porcelain: floor tile, wall tile, flower tile, flower tile;




Classification by space


Kitchen tiles, living room tiles, dining room tiles, balcony tiles, bathroom tiles, study tiles, bedroom tiles, background wall tiles, stairwell tiles.


Classification by function


Anti-slip tiles, wear-resistant tiles, anti-fouling tiles, negative ion tiles, electrostatic tiles, high-strength tiles, permeable tiles, waterproof tiles, anti-freeze tiles.


Classification by production process


Mainly divided into glazed tiles, unglazed tiles, whole body tiles, polished tiles.


Glazed tiles: porcelain tiles with zirconium white base glaze, protective glaze, transparent glaze and other glaze media applied on the surface of the body;


Unglazed tiles: porcelain tiles that are directly fired without applying various glazes on the surface of the body;


Whole body bricks: glazed and unglazed bricks whose body is colored by fabric, infiltration and other processes;


Polished tiles: refers to the tiles whose surface has undergone a polishing process.


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