Everything You Should Know About Glazed White Ceramic Tile

October 25,2021

Ceramic tiles are one of the essential materials for every home decoration. There are many types of it. The main products sold on the market are polished tiles, vitrified tiles, glazed tiles, etc. I believe some friends are still not familiar with the types of tiles. Today we will discuss what is glazed tile? Are glazed tiles good? Is glazed white ceramic floor tile worth buying?


80x80 glazed white ceramic floor tile


What are glazed tiles?


Glazed tiles are ceramic tiles whose surface is glazed and fired at high temperature and high pressure. This type of ceramic tile is composed of two parts: soil embryo and surface glazed surface. The main body is divided into two types: clay and porcelain clay. Clay fired out of the back is red, China clay fired back is gray. Various patterns and colors can be made on the surface of glazed tiles, which are richer in colors and patterns than polished tiles. Certainly, in recent years, the 80x80 glazed white ceramic floor tile is much more popular. But because the surface is glaze, the abrasion resistance is not as good as polished tiles.


The merits of glazed tiles


  • Rich colors and patterns; easy to clean, suitable for kitchen and bathroom.


  • Water absorption rate: water absorption rate> 10%.


  • Resistance to rapid cold and rapid heat: refers to rapid temperature changes without cracks. The difference between cold and hot temperature is 130± 2℃.


  • The surface strength is large, and it can be used on both the wall and the floor. Compared with vitrified tiles, its advantages are anti-seepage, not afraid of dirt, and good slip resistance. Although the abrasion resistance is worse than that of vitrified tiles, qualified products can meet the needs of household use.


  • Anti-seepage, seamless splicing, good toughness, basically no fracture.


How to clean 80x80 glazed white ceramic floor tile?


✅Clean or use a vacuum cleaner


Remove dust and dirt. Your first cleaning action should be to remove all accumulated dust and dirt. You can do it with a vacuum cleaner every day, or you can sweep it away. It is recommended to use a dry mop for cleaning, rather than a broom, as this will provide better daily protection for the tile surface.


✅Wash off the detergent thoroughly


When using detergent, make sure its concentration is low. Textured tiles may require a slightly higher concentration than other tiles. Cover the floor area with the cleaning solution and let it stand about 5 minutes. Then use a mop to clean the area. Do not let the cleaning fluid dry out. Next, wipe the area again with clean warm water. This will remove any detergent residue and prevent water stains or powdery marks.


✅Avoid using chemical cleaners containing ammonia, bleach or acid for regular cleaning


80x80 glazed white ceramic floor tiles are heated to fuse the mixture together, giving it water resistance similar to glass. Frequent use of corrosive chemicals will corrode the surface of the tile and increase its water absorption. Corrosive chemicals can also attack the grout, which loosens the tiles and allows water to enter under the tiles, creating moisture. For the daily cleaning of tiles, just use warm water and a mop. Clean with a mild detergent mixed with warm water every two weeks. Only consider using chemicals to remove any stubborn stains.




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