Do You Know the Unknown Information of Tiles?

January 17,2022

Most people have ceramic tiles in their homes, but do you know ceramic tiles? Do you know how to distinguish the quality of ceramic tiles? Today, let's talk about the unknown information about ceramic tiles.




How to distinguish the quality of ceramic tiles?




Pick up a ceramic tile and tap the surface with your hand. If you can hear a crisp sound, it is a good brick.


👉Water test


Drop a few drops of water on the back of the ceramic tile to test the water absorption. The lower the water absorption, the higher the porcelain content, and the better the quality of the ceramic tile.


👉Look at the tile surface


The color of high-quality ceramic tiles is very positive. Look at the back. There are no small black spots. The porcelain is fine and smooth, just like the skin of a baby.


👉Read the quality inspection book


Be sure to check the test report. If the merchant can't get the quality inspection report, it is necessary to doubt the authenticity of the product.


Application of ceramic tiles in different spaces


  • The living room is generally connected with the dining room and has a large area. It is recommended to use larger specifications such as 800*800, etc., and now it is also popular to use large-sized tiles such as 600*1200.


  • The kitchen and bathroom area is small, and water or oil is often spilled on the wall and floor. It is recommended to choose glazed bricks, which are better for cleaning. The most common is porcelain. The current mainstream specifications are wall stickers 300*600, 400*800, 300*300 anti-skid small floor tiles are attached to the ground; the ground tiles are usually processed into a matte style, which must have anti-skid performance.


  • The balcony is generally selected according to the size of the size, optional 300*300 small floor tiles or 600*600 antique bricks, wear-resistant bricks.


  • The bedroom is relatively small, and as a rest area, a relaxing and comfortable environment needs to be created, and the specifications of 800*800 or 600*600 can be selected.
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