Did You Pick The Right Kitchen Tile?

October 30,2021

The kitchen is heavily greasy and often uses water. It will also be very wet, so most families will choose to paste ceramic tiles for kitchen decoration. Ceramic tiles are superior to other materials in waterproof, moisture-proof and antifouling properties, but there are too many colors and specifications for ceramic tiles, which makes many friends unable to choose. This blog will talk about the selection and color matching of ceramic tiles, and see what ceramic tiles are good for the kitchen? How to match ceramic tiles to create a sense of premium?


Don't neglect skid resistance


Although the amount of water used in the kitchen is less than that in the bathroom, it is inevitable that water will splash on the ground when washing vegetables and dishes. Coupled with the oil stain during cooking, the kitchen floor will be very slippery. When purchasing ceramic tiles, pay special attention to anti-skid.


In order to prevent slip, we can lay carpets under the kitchen stove area and sink area to avoid water and oil stepping everywhere, and it can prevent slip very well.


Antifouling and good cleaning are the key points


The kitchen is heavily greasy. It is recommended not to use antique bricks with concave convex surface. Antique bricks look good and have style, but with many surface textures and a long time, it is easy to deposit oil and increase the cleaning burden. Especially where the wall is close to the stove, if you don't pay attention, it's very difficult to clean.


Mosaic tiles are not recommended. The area of each mosaic is relatively small. After paving, there will be many gaps. These gaps are also easy to hide dirt and dirt, which is very inconvenient to clean.


Suggestions on color matching of kitchen tiles:


  1. The kitchen is a hot place, especially in summer. Therefore, don't choose depressing colors. It's best to choose cold colors, such as white and light colors.


  1. The kitchen area is not large. When choosing tile color, it's best not to exceed two, otherwise it will appear messy.


  1. The color of kitchen wall tiles and floor tiles can be the same, which is also a very traditional paving method.


  1. It adopts the design of up shallow and down deep, which is also very popular now. The wall tiles of the kitchen are not recommended to be separated by waist line, which will appear outdated.


Here are some examples of kitchen decoration:


  • Nordic style small white brick


This small white brick has a high color value. The common small white bricks are square, rectangle and hexagon. Small white bricks are usually matched with black caulking agent, which is classic and good-looking, and can create a Nordic atmosphere. Simple and exquisite, many young people decorate the kitchen and will choose this kind of black-and-white small lattice tile.


small white brick


  • Floret brick


Small white bricks are selected for the wall, and small flower bricks are usually matched with the ground. The tile has the highest appearance value and the effect is very eye-catching.


It is not recommended to use tiles on the wall, which is easy to cause visual fatigue.


floret brick


  • Universal grey


Gray tiles are very popular now. Gray has an advanced sense, which can give people a clean feeling. It is suitable to match with various color hangers. However, gray will appear dim, so the lights should be matched well. Gray stain resistance is also relatively high, which is very suitable for use in the kitchen.


universal grey


  • Retro color square brick


Retro color square brick has excellent aesthetic feeling. It is usually matched with solid wood cabinet with proper retro style. It is generally suitable for American, Chinese and other decoration styles.


retro color square brick


  • Marble textured tile


Marble texture tiles are very suitable for kitchens. They are atmospheric and good-looking, but they are suitable for kitchens with large space or open kitchens.


marble textured tile




For the kitchen with small area, it is recommended to choose small-size floor tiles, which will also appear to have a large kitchen area in space. If you want to install floor drain, small ceramic tiles are also convenient to find the slope.


For the ceramic tile of wall tile, it is recommended to have a long strip shape of 30*60cm, which can increase the sense of extension of the kitchen. Or small-sized square bricks, using appearance to improve the style of the kitchen.


In addition, one side of wall tiles and floor tiles is eye-catching, otherwise it will appear chaotic. Tile is suitable for decoration, not suitable for large area use.


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