Construction of Terrazzo Floor Tiles

December 05,2022

Terrazzo floor tiles are rarely used in home decoration, and they are generally used in the ground decoration of public buildings. For example, terrazzo is widely used in the decoration of schools and hospitals. So what should we pay attention to when decorating terrazzo floor tiles? What is the construction process of terrazzo floor tiles? Now let's have a look.




Precautions for terrazzo floor tile construction


  • When snapping the line to find the height of terrazzo floor tiles, the height of other living spaces and corridors should be considered, and the snapping line level of each living space should be consistent.


  • The dividing strip shall be fixed firmly, and its upper edge shall be kept at the same level. The joint shall be tight without a gap. The cross joint shall be filled with filler. It shall be noted that the cement shall not be applied at 4-5cm of its intersection.


  • When terrazzo floor tiles are polished and cured, the actual curing days shall be determined according to the changes in their humidity and temperature.


  • The polishing process of ordinary terrazzo floor tiles shall not be less than three times, while the polishing of high-grade terrazzo surface shall be determined according to the specification of its whetstone.


The construction process of terrazzo floor tiles


  • Base course treatment. Use a hard bristle brush to remove the sundries, cement mortar skin, and other substances on the base course to ensure that the base course is neat and smooth.


  • Snap the horizontal line. After the base course is processed, measure the height of its surface course, and snap its height on the surrounding walls with ink lines for marking.


  • Apply flat mortar. Apply the ash cake on the selected flat layer. The thickness of the ash cake is about 8-10 cm. After the mortar of the ash cake is dry, sprinkle a small amount of water on it and brush a layer of cement slurry. After the cement slurry is completely dry, use a long scraper to scrape its surface. To ensure its flatness, use a wood float to smooth it.


  • After the leveling mortar is tested and qualified, it shall be cured for 24 hours. Then snap the line in the middle of the ground. Before snapping the line, calculate the border width around the line. So that you can snap the line with this as the benchmark. After snapping the grid line, use tools to coat the cement mortar on the grid line.


  • Grind the raw materials of terrazzo with a mechanical grindstone. The polishing process of terrazzo generally has three steps. The first step is rough grinding. During the grinding process, add water while grinding, and check its flatness until all the stones and dividing strips are exposed. Clean with clean water and dry in the air. After scrubbing with cement slurry, water, and cure for 2-3 days. The second process is fine grinding, that is, after the surface is polished to a very smooth surface, the small holes in the gap shall be wiped with cement slurry and placed for 2-3 days. The third is polishing, that is, all the stones on the exposed part of the terrazzo surface are polished off. The terrazzo surface is smooth, smooth, and seamless.