Are Matt Tiles Suitable For Use In Kitchens?

October 08,2022

The kitchen has a lot of lampblack, so the floor should be dirt resistant, fire-resistant and anti-skid. Is matt tile suitable for kitchen?




It is recommended to choose matt kitchen tiles for the following reasons:


  1. The kitchen smoke is heavy, and water stains often spill onto the ground. If it is a smooth floor tile, because of its reflective property, its surface stains can be described as "true to shape". Although it is relatively easy to clean, in fact, the drag marks of the mop will stay on the surface of the tiles. It doesn't look completely clean.


  1. On the contrary, if matt floor tiles are selected. Because of its low glossiness, it can perfectly cover the water and oil stains on the ground. It is also easy to clean and will not leave traces easily. And the skid resistance of matte tiles is better than that of smooth tiles, so it is recommended that the kitchen choose matte tiles.


Advantages of kitchen matt tiles


  1. Relatively antiskid. The surface of matt bricks is not as smooth as polished bricks, which is why many people use matt bricks in kitchen and bathroom spaces.


  1. Not afraid of scratching. The surface of polished tiles is very bright. And if there is a scratch, it will be very obvious. The matt brick surface will not have obvious reflective effect, and it will not be very conspicuous if there is a scratch. It doesn't look old after a long time.


  1. Anti reflective. In some houses with good lighting, the ground and walls of polished tiles will have a very dazzling reflection. This affects the overall space effect. In the case of matte bricks, the reflective effect is relatively poor. And the reflected light is more natural and comfortable.




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